July 05, 2021

We woke up this morning to the nicest day of the summer so far! Blue skies, warm temps – a picture perfect day.

And speaking of, today was picture day! Every bunk took photos that will be printed and framed and sent home with each camper as a special 2021 keepsake.

The Inter Boys had an AMAZING time on their island trip. In fact, their Group Leader, who has been at Walden for well over a decade, said it was the best overnight he has ever experienced. The Super Senior girls are headed to their island getaway tonight.

Today has been a full day at all of our sports and arts and adventure sections. Every area is bustling with activity – new skills being developed and new games being learned – all while countless memories are being created amongst best friends.

As a special experience for our oldest campers, today we also sent out our first bunks to use our Lake George boat which is a 31 foot pontoon boat. Our LIT boys went out this morning and our Teen Boys headed out this afternoon – they swam (with life jackets), listened to music and ate on the boat too. They were all so excited!

In more news, the Senior Girls won Group of the Day yesterday and will receive a Stewart’s ice cream party and our Freshman boys won Counselor Hunt and were awarded a Pop Tart party (notice the food prize theme here :)). The cheers of elation at line up when the winners were announced were thunderous!

We start our camper calls home this evening. Please remember that for some campers, hearing their parents’ voices for the first time in days can make them very emotional. We will be with your child right before they make the call and will be waiting with open arms for big hugs right after the call. We will take great care of them. Of course if you have ANY concerns or anything you want to share, please let us know.

Happy Birthday Jaelen Pinkney.

Tonight’s program is our first Walden Night Live of the summer, which will include live skits and performances, followed by our very own fireworks display.

Hope you had a great 4th weekend!