July 04, 2021

Happy 4th of July! The sun is out, the spirit is high and we are enjoying a great day!

We have started the Group Of the Day Contest today and we will continue this tradition from time to time throughout the summer. Group of the Day, and the prize of a Stewart’s ice cream delivery, is awarded to the group that best exemplifies camp spirit and kindness. They also have to clean their bunks :) Today so many campers are all dressed in lots of spirit clothing and there are lots of red, white and blue outfits!  All day long various groups have been singing and cheering as they walk up and down the hill… and the dance parties during meals are incredible!

We just had our family and sibling time before lineup and snack today and that was so great. It allowed siblings and close family friends to re-connect outside and talk about their summer experience so far. For those that don’t have family here, our staff take extra care and enjoy time together. 

We are sending out our first overnight island trip of the summer – we have our 10 year old Inter Boys taking the inaugural trip over to the island on Trout Lake. They will enjoy their cookout, adventure games, s’mores and singing around the campfire. They will stargaze, play games, sleep in tents and return by boat tomorrow morning. What a memory!

Tonight’s evening program is Younger Camp Counselor Hunt, which due to rain, was rescheduled for today. Middle and Older Campers have the Ultimate Relay which involves competitive team building challenges by bunk.

Today we are also running our 5 day in PCR tests for all of our campers. They will be doing the same saliva tests that they did prior to arriving at camp. Samples will be sent to the lab tomorrow and all results will be processed in 24 to 36 hours after receipt. We know many of our campers might be a little worried about this. Please rest assured that our counselors have been making the sample collection fun and relaxed and we are all hoping that our pre camp safety protocols will continue to allow our community to remain Covid free.

Happy birthday Sami Snow, Ben Yanai and Carlos Cabrera!  

Enjoy your day!