July 03, 2021

Good afternoon!

Today is another busy and fun activity day. We are trying to do so many team sports, arts, adventure and water activities to make up for 2020! The rain held off and we got a jam-packed day in again!

Our afternoon lineup was full of cheers for birthdays, first times, lost teeth (you name it, we have a song for it). Then we had all the birthday celebrators raise the flags.  Line up is actually one of our favorite times of the day – when the whole camp gets together around the flag pole – and it’s just so silly and fun and campy. You will for sure learn our almost-never-ending birthday song when your campers return home to sing at all family celebrations!

Our night time program schedule includes a Younger Camp LIT Hunt led by the Leaders In Training, a Junior and Senior Group Night which includes Junior Girl bonding in our new tree house, and Art and Hobby for the Senior Girls, while the Senior Boys have an option between playing hockey and watching the Bucks vs Hawks game and the Junior Boys will be playing basketball. Our Super Seniors, Teens and CITs will be having a super competitive game of Name that Tune.

The feedback on the food has been amazing – plentiful and full of choice. This morning’s bagels and blueberry muffins were definitely a hit!

Happy Birthday Ethan Smolkin, Julia Bogart and Ava Zausner!

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!