Camp July 2 Update

Good afternoon!

The spirit and fun remain so high around here even though it’s a drizzly day. The camp fire last night for younger camp was super fun as the campers learned lots of repeat after me cheers and camp traditional songs.

Cute story to share from snack yesterday too… the entire 9 year old Deb Girls group challenged the much older 15 year old Teen Boys to do the Freak Out (the what? The Freak out!), and the Teen boys so happily and enthusiastically and graciously complied knowing of the smiles that their participation would bring to these young girls’ faces. That was a special moment for sure.

Our younger camp girls were in the lake this morning when it started to rain. The water was so warm, they decided to stay in! Then you could hear them singing all the way back up to their bunks to dry off. Building camp memories!

Auditions for this summer’s Younger Camp Disney Variety show started this morning for all of our Freshman, Midi and Inter Boys. All other groups were busy with indoor activities like art and gymnastics and dance, and for those who like the rain, we had some outdoor soccer and football going too! As of now the rain has stopped so we are back to our outdoor schedule.

Our Counselors In Training and Leaders in Training started their first placements today too.

Tonight our younger and middle campers have a bunk challenge night and our oldest campers have a group night which includes Paint and Pastry for our Super Senior Girls, and Karaoke for our Teen girls to name a few. And yes, many of our Habs fans will watch game 3.

Happy birthday Camryn Spector!

Hope you are all having a great day!