Camp June 30 Update

Describing the emotions of our first lineup last night is almost impossible to do. Arriving to lineup to the Muppet Song and having half the camp together, the lineup cheers sung enthusiastically by even our oldest campers and the smiles and giggles of some of our youngest, it was as if we had not missed a beat in 22 months. And as of today, the long wait is over for all!

For evening program last night, our younger campers, Juniors and Seniors enjoyed bunk challenges while our older campers had a great opening campfire. The last song, Let the Good Times Roll, was made extra special by the live singing by the song’s creator who is back working on our waterfront after 5 years away. When our oldest campers realised that it was a surprise live performance, they all started screaming and singing at the top of their lungs (a reference to some of the lyrics for those of you who may have heard this song a few times)!

Our arrival day yesterday was so smooth with 100% negative Covid tests! Thank you, parents, for helping us be so safe and efficient by staying in your cars and partnering with us to minimize your stay to a minute! That was amazing – and actually the short goodbyes made your campers transition SO much easier!

Today we have our Freshman to Seniors arriving and the red carpet is rolled out for you (figuratively that is) and we will have tons of people welcoming you, greeting you and taking care of your children as soon as they arrive.

For the campers that arrived yesterday, many have already done their swim tests and had the opportunity to spend some time at the lake. Today the water will be open again along with ropes and many land sports and art and hobby too.

Tonight’s evening program is our traditional Counselor Show. And for our Canadian campers and other avid hockey fans, they will have the opportunity to watch the Stanley Cup finals game tonight too.

Our 250 staff team are so excited for us to be completely underway. They have been here for 15 days to a month already counting the minutes until the last cars pull in this afternoon. Camp has never felt better and we are so excited for a great day today!