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Day 4

Od |2022-07-23T06:48:06+00:004 července, 2022|Deník, USA|

July 03, 2021Good afternoon!Today is another busy and fun activity day. We are trying to do so many team sports, arts, adventure and water activities [...]

Day 3

Od |2022-07-02T07:40:46+00:003 července, 2022|Deník, USA|

Camp July 2 UpdateGood afternoon!The spirit and fun remain so high around here even though it’s a drizzly day. The camp fire last night for [...]

Day 2

Od |2022-07-02T07:34:35+00:002 července, 2022|Deník, USA|

Camp Walden July 1 UpdateCamp Walden 2021 is officially underway… with 100% negative Covid tests too! After 1 year and 10 months of planning and [...]

Day 1

Od |2022-07-02T07:34:25+00:001 července, 2022|Deník, USA|

Camp June 30 Update Describing the emotions of our first lineup last night is almost impossible to do. Arriving to lineup to the Muppet [...]

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